Out of the Shadows

Session 4

Sins of the Past

Battle of the Auction House

     Tearing through the walls and patrons of the auction house, the Relentless Reaper focused its attention on Zin, his penance for a crime unknown to the rest of the group having come due.  A particularly difficult fight ensued as Zin was taken persistently by the Relentless Reaper while Dionaea and Lar-Ry attempted to stop it.  Hatsya, having brought no weapons with him to the auction house, quickly fled to search the premises for a bow or other weapon he could make use of.  Buteo had, unfortunately, stayed behind to guard everyone’s belongings and was not nearby to assist in the initial attack.  Daedryn, slowly succumbing to his more Rebellious tendencies, decided to capitalize on the situation, using the chaos and confusion as cover while he changed some names and information on winning bids, ensuring he would receive the goods instead.  Soon he came to his senses and joined the others in fighting the Relentless Reaper, also joined by Buteo who had heard the cries of fleeing citizens in the streets.

     Despite the sharp, whirling blades and crippling electric waves rippling off it, eventually the players managed to defeat the Relentless Reaper, it shut down after Dionaea placed two arrows in the back of its head as Daedryn collapsed its chest with his fist.  A quick glance around revealed much destruction and even a few deaths of bystanders.  The players decided the Relentless Reaper was unsafe to be left in the ruined auction house and attempted to disassemble it.  Unbeknownst to them, the Relentless Reaper was drawing bioelectric energy from their very contact and soon active again and again.  Eventually it was put down and the decision was made to leave it be, to let the city find a better way to handle in.

Taking Care of Business

     After all this excitement, the players took some time to get a few personal things done.  Lar-Ry met with Loradan about having Connectr serve his needs, having a package delivered from Ephrimon in this case.  Lar-Ry hesitantly agrees to put Connectr on the job and, after some deliberation, purchases a Messenger Swelth which he used to contact the Nomads about retrieving the package and delivering it to Nebalich for him.  Prior to his meeting, Lar-Ry noticed a middle-aged woman with soft features, very short sandy brown hair, and a large covering over one eye and a portion of her head who was meeting with Loradan, but gave it no thought.  He also took possession of his newly acquired furniture and spent some time setting up his office and looking for a new employee.

     Hatsya, worried about the resting Relentless Reaper, returned to the auction house only to find the Relentless Reaper was now gone.  Asking around the local area he heard rumors that seven people, six men and one red haired woman, had entered the building and with several bright flashes of light and the crackling of electricity soon toted the Relentless Reaper out on an aneen, heading east toward the docks.  He also heard that he was not the first person to inquire as to the whereabouts of the Relentless Reaper, but that a woman with half of her face covered had been asking around as well.  He later mentioned this to Lar-Ry who said he had also seen her meeting with Loradan.  When approached about who she was Loradan denied knowing, stating that giving away client information was bad for business.  While Lar-Ry accepted this answer, Hatsya decided it best to stake out Lorana’s estate in case she returned, so he could question her.

     In the evening, Daedryn and Zin broke into Tollec’s former estate while Cillic served as lookout.  They searched each floor, including the once secret basement.  Daedryn made note of all the pieces and things he once had seen there, now gone.  In the basement, he searched for where he believed a hidden safe was once located.  Instead, he found a hole in the wall and numerous scraps and signs of force having been used in the area.  Having heard that all the belongings that were removed were categorized and listed in a ledger by the city of Nebalich, he made a note that they needed to see that ledger.

     Buteo visited some old contacts he knew in the city, looking for work, and was tasked with retrieving and object from a nearby estate.  Meanwhile, Dionaea decided to venture through the city center exploring and seeing what news there was.  She came across a news article about her homeland, Charmonde.  The article pointed to recent political upheaval in Charmonde that has led to several prominent families of scientists, musicians, merchants, and diplomats fleeing the city, suddenly finding themselves under legal and social persecution by House Eledemer and their many nobels and allies who recently found themselves with more power.  This worried her, though Charmonde is very far from where she found herself.



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