Out of the Shadows

Session 5

Crime and Punishment

Crime Done Right

     At the request of Daedryn, Dionaea, Lar-Ry, and Zin decided to attempt to retrieve the ledger of items removed from Tollec’s estate after his passing.  Heading to the bureaucratic section of the city, just outside of the castle, Zin decided to attempt to retrieve the ledger through the proper channels, filling out endless amounts of paper work with mindless details.  After wrapping up some Connectr business, Lar-Ry decided to attempt the same approach, crossing paths with Zin in the administration building, scolding Zin for not hanging up Connectr flyers as he was asked, but then attempted to assist with the mound of paper work.  Meanwhile, Dionaea opted for a different approach.  First, prior to Zin’s arrival she attempted to find out the location of the ledger.  Being told it was in the file room in the back, but that paperwork was involved, she thanked the clerk and headed to buy a disguise.  After Zin arrived and began his paper work, Dionaea returned, entering through the rear entrance, and began searching for the file room.  Before long she found the correct room, but was greeted by a file clerk who seemed eager to help her, if she could just give him her employee information.  Being unable to convince him he didn’t need that or provide suitable information, the clerk said he could clear it right up and called for a supervisor.  With great haste, Dionaea made use of her new hand stinger mutation to attempt to sedate the clerk and quickly grabbed the ledger before attempting to flee.  She immediately ran into the supervisor in the hallway, but easily fast talked him into letting her be on her way.  Shortly after her escape, Zin and Lar-Ry could hear the calls of the supervisor for help and down guards as the file clerk had been murdered.

The One-Eyed Woman

     Meanwhile, Hatsya’s stake out became more interesting when he witnessed Buteo and Daedryn also checking out Loradan’s place, unaware of his presence.  A contact of Buteo’s was willing to pay him to retrieve a certain item from Loradan which he had won in the recent auction.  The decision was made that they would take turns watching the place until the opportunity arrived to collect the item.  Before long, as Buteo was leaving, the woman with the eye covering showed up to collect a package from Loradan.  Hatsya took the initiative and approached her, inquiring about the events at and after the auction house attack, however she remained stoic and refused to answer his questions, bidding him a good day and leaving.  Buteo, having paused some ways down the street and noticing this interaction, he decided to help Hatsya track her.  They kept a good distance from her and followed her for a long period of time, her movements seem natural but eventually it was apparent she was travelling as if trying to avoid being followed, doubling back and crossing her own path several times, taking a very long route to the dock warehouse district.  After a few sharp turns the two seemed to lose her, seemingly in thin air, among the warehouses.  During all of this, Daedryn spent his time at the city library researching the water and sewer systems of the city as well as his continuing fascination with airships.  That evening, having received the ledger from Dionaea, Daedryn noted several missing items, including the client ledger he believed Tollec kept in a wall safe, as well as some items of numenera, a Grey Sampler among those missing.

Crime Done Wrong

     That night, Daedryn and Zin decided to engage in more breaking and entering, this time targeting Loradan’s house.  Attempting a more straightforward approach, Daedryn took the front of the estate while Zin took the rear.  Zin was not as stealthy as he might have believed and was set upon by 3 Thumans in Loradan’s small garden.  Soon he was confronted by Loradan sporting a robe and several bits of numenera.  Daedryn attempted to smash the front door down in this time but was violently repelled by some kind of energy field.  He tried again, this time aiming for a window, and was met by the same energy field, but was able to break through this time.  Working his way through the house, he came upon Loradan, Zin now pinned to the ground by the Thumans and some numenera device on his chest, but otherwise unharmed.  Failing to injure Daedryn with some unknown artifact resulted in Loradan accidentally destroying Daedryn’s clothes.  Shortly, town guards arrived and a short standoff ensued before the two gave up and were arrested.

The Fall of Aqua-Margr

     The following day, Daedryn and Zin refused to participate in the interrogations being conducted by the town guard and the rest of the party was not particularly successful in getting them out either.  While waiting for the legal procedures, Buteo, Hatsya, Lar-Ry, and Dionaea agreed to investigate the rumors of a Margr sighting within town.  After gathering some information around the docks, they narrowed the area down to a spot right outside of the seedy bar that was home to Daedryn’s bar brawl and blackout.  Ambushing the Margr chief inside, the very one that Daedryn first kidnapped and lost on Deymish’s ship, they took him into custody, finding a few numenera as well, and turned him into the town watch for a sizeable reward.



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