Out of the Shadows

Session 6

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Tracking Saphraic, Finding the Relentless Reaper

     Having promised that his Connectr deal with Loradan was proceeding ahead of schedule, Loradan sent Lar-Ry a message that included only a single word: “Saphraic”.  Reasoning that it was the name of the woman with the eye covering that he had asked about previously, so brought the subject up to the group.  With Daedryn and Zin still in jail, the rest of the party set out to make a concentrated effort to track down Saphraic somewhere in the dock warehouse district of Nebalich.  Combining what Buteo and Hatsya had learned with information gathered around the area by Dionaea and Lar-Ry, the group found a small shack hidden among the maze of warehouses, a forgotten office or guard house now abandoned and seemingly being used by Saphraic.  The shack consisted of simple, lived in features including a bed, a still burning cooking stove, and a table with scattered papers, a map, and the box that Hatsya saw her retrieve, now empty.  One corner of the room was cleared and heavy scratches were present in the floor.  The map they found was one of the world as it is known, but with a series of X’s and O’s drawn through various cities and features, as well as several large slashes drawn across areas of The Beyond.  Hatsya was able to find some clear tracks leading from the shack and after some discussion and planning, the four set off to follow Saphraic.

     The trail led to the region of the warehouse district where Buteo had previously been seen talking to Shanasa.  As they approached the clearing between two warehouses set off the main roadway, they overheard the tail end of an argument that was occurring between Shanasa, surrounded by several men, and Saphraic, accompanied by a Peerless.  Shanasa called Saphraic mad while Saphraic was accusing Shanasa of being a traitor.  Seeing Buteo, Saphraic directed her speech at him as well, saying that both Shanasa and Buteo had lost their way and did not understand her vision.  As the argument raged, Saphraic pulled something from beneath her robes, holding up a Hex Stringer and stating that the world should not be slowly consumed by The Fire, but wholly consumed by it.  Releasing the Hex Stinger at the direction of Shanasa, the creature flew into one of the men flanking Shanasa, stinging him in the neck as three Hexons raced forward from the warehouse behind Saphraic.  Soon the whole area became chaos as the men were either being turned into Hexon or killed by the advancing one, while two others moved to attack the players.  The Peerless eventually made its way into the warehouse were, before long, a now reawakened Relentless Reaper began tearing through the walls of the warehouse and the remainder of Shanasa’s men.  Dionaea, Hatsya, and Buteo did their best to fend off the Hexons that attacked them, while Lar-Ry called for the town guard and managed to rally the nearby workers and townspeople to action.  As Dionaea, Hatsya, and Lar-Ry fled to regroup and figure out what to do next, Buteo leaped into the fray to rescue Shanasa, who promptly made us of a cypher to vanish from the conflict and Buteo leaped away toward the water, but not before Saphraic managed to throw a knife with incredible accuracy, slicing through his lower leg.

Breakout Kings

     Meanwhile, Daedryn and Zin, having spent the night in jail, decided to become slightly more cooperative and layout the events leading up to their attempted break-in at Loradan’s estate and the many questions they had about him, Saphraic, and the missing Relentless Reaper.  While the guards did seem to be more receptive and consider to them after this, they were still confined awaiting a hearing.  Having made the decision to flee the city as panic and chaos began consuming the streets, the other players decided to attempt to free them from jail.  Managing to gain the opportunity to speak to them in the interrogation rooms, they recounted the details of what happened to Daedryn and Zin.  Without hesitating, they immediately decided to break out of prison, retrieving Zin’s belonging along the way while Daedryn brutally slayed more than a few guards in the process.  Quickly purchasing additional aneen, they gathered up all their belongings, as well as Cillic who had become Lar-Ry’s new apprentice, and promptly left Nebalich, leaving the missing Buteo behind in the process.

Traveling to Ephrimon

     Making use of Lar-Ry’s Messenger Swelth, the now party of five met up with their Nomad friends to rest and collect themselves, as well as Lar-Ry checking on the goods they were set to deliver.  That night, as the group restlessly slept in light of what has occurred, the Penumbra Fiend once again set upon the group, but was turned away once again.  The next morning, as more refugees passed escaping the seemingly overrun Nebalich, the players set north for Ephrimon.  Traveling with the Nomad was peaceful and uneventful, arriving a few days later at the edge of the Ba-Adenu before parting ways.  The remaining trip to Ephrimon was also uneventful, with the exception of a small skirmish with a family of Llaric Scorpions which Zin foolishly stumbled into, resulting in Hatsya adopting three baby Llaric Scorpions.  Soon they could see the wooden gates of Ephrimon and were eager to make their way inside.



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